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General Information

Sports Activities

These are an important part of our school activities. Children from Year 4 upwards have opportunities to join with neighbouring schools for cross country, athletics and sports days at the Edgar Centre.

Junior classes have swimming programmes at Mornington School Pool and Yrs 4, 5 & 6 have several lessons at Moana Pool. Because we have no large indoor space, gym and dance programmes are held in local halls.

Sports Teams: We offer and encourage children to play sport for our school.

We have a strong parent and staff involvement in coaching and support. We currently have T-Ball, Ministicks, Touch Rugby, Mini-ball, Netball, Hockey and Flipperball teams.

School Hours

School begins at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 3.00 p.m. Staff are available to assist children from 8.30 a.m. and until 3.15 p.m. Children need to be at school at least ten minutes before school starts so they can organise themselves for the day. Morning break is 10.40a.m – 11:00a.m Lunchtime is 12.30p.m. to 1.15p.m.


School is open from Monday to Friday unless otherwise advised. Parents are asked to phone the office before 9.00 a.m. if children are not attending school or are coming late. This is important for the aspect of children’s safety. Unexplained absences are followed up by the school secretary.

Communicating With School/Home

We believe good communication makes for good relationships. A newsletter is sent home each Thursday. This keeps parents up-to-date with school activities. Parents need to ensure children develop the habit of delivering school notices. Rochelle is in the office from 8.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. and is happy to answer any queries and pass on any phone messages for children and teachers when necessary.

Health Matters

When your child is enrolled, any health matters which may affect her/his learning or attendance will be discussed and recorded. Parents are advised to inform the class teacher of any incidental health matters. If a child is unwell and needs to go home, his or her parent (or emergency contact) will be contacted. The child will be cared for in the medical room or classroom, whichever is appropriate, until they are collected.


All children have homework during the school week. Class teachers set tasks and give parents guidelines for their class levels. Teachers are always available to discuss homework requirements.

Reporting To Parents/Teachers

Throughout the year there are opportunities scheduled for teachers and parents to meet and discuss children’s progress. Early in the year there is usually a “Meet the Teachers” evening. Parent/Teacher interviews are held towards the end of Term 1 and again in Term 3. Children receive written reports at mid year and at the end of the year, and parents are given opportunities to discuss these if they wish to.

If a teacher has a concern about a child, parents will be contacted. Teachers are very happy to discuss children’s progress outside these scheduled times. We ask parents to arrange suitable times with teachers out of school hours.

Shared Prayers

Every second Friday at 2.40 p.m. we have a school Shared Prayer time in the Church. Each class and, on occasions, parents take turns at leading this. Parents and friends are warmly invited to attend. It is a special way to finish our school week.

School Assembly

In alternating weeks with Shared Prayer the school meets in the Parish Centre at 2.30 p.m. for Assembly. The senior pupils run the programme and give opportunities for children and classes to share important news, birthdays and to show work. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Family Groups

The Year 6 pupils are leaders of our Family Groups. Each group has children from each level of the school and enjoy the Friday family group immensely. Activities the family groups organise include picnics, treasure hunts, craft sessions and talent quests.

Young Vinnies

Our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils belong to the Young Vinnies which is a section of The St Vincent de Paul Society. The children meet regularly and carry out activities such as collecting for Food Banks and donating and delivering Hug Rugs to elderly people in the community.


Our Library is very well resourced. All classes enjoy using the library and children borrow books to read at home. These are due back each week.


On Mondays we have Smart Lunches which are ordered before school. The P.T.A often offers a lunch option on Wednesday which will be detailed in the newsletter. In the winter terms (Terms 2 & 3), children may bring food wrapped in foil for heating.

Money And Cheques

Various school activities require payment to be sent to the school. To make the collection of money manageable parents are encouraged to use envelopes and children are expected to deposit them in the ‘Money Slot’ just inside the office counter. We discourage children and parents from handing cash to teachers. Cheques are to be made out to St Francis Xavier School.

Stationery And Activity Donation

The school has stationery items which are supplied to children at the beginning of the year and thereafter as needed. Parents are notified of the cost of items. At the beginning of each year all children are charged an Activity Donation. This donation contributes to the cost of Education in Faith resources, school/class trips and payment for performances at school. This cost is $45 for your first child and $35 for each additional child of the family. Accounts are sent home each term.

Parent Help

Many of our activities involve trips away from school. These require extra supervision and we are grateful for parent help with this. Notification of these trips is given in plenty of time and we enjoy having parents to help. There are various other opportunities for parents to help around the school, e.g. working with small groups of children under the guidance of a teacher, covering/repairing books, Library work, Art work etc. We appreciate this help.

Attendance Dues

Parents will receive an account from the Diocese for Attendance Dues for their child each term. The fee is $82 per child per term. Attendance Dues are paid directly to the Diocese

Book Club

Scholastic N.Z. Limited is a club which offers reasonably priced children’s books twice a term for parents to buy. Order forms are sent out through the school. The school does receive a percentage from purchases to buy new books.


Children have the opportunity to bank through ANZ or National Banks. Information is available from the office.


Children may bring toys to school to share on special occasions, e.g. birthdays, but generally children are not encouraged to bring toys to school. We have an interesting playground area and we provide suitable items for children to play with.

Dental Treatment

Children are treated by the dental nurse based at Mornington School Clinic. Parents are notified when treatment is necessary and are asked take their child to the appointment.