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Special Character

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The Special Character of our school is the fundamental purpose of the school’s existence. Christian values shape the lives of the children, staff and parents/caregivers and are incorporated into all school systems, policies and relationships.
One aspect of our Special Character is the prayer life of the school. Classes start the day with class prayers and classes take turns to lead the whole school community in a ‘Shared Prayer’ assembly on a regular basis. The Religious Education programme is taught in each classroom and the themes from these studies are integrated throughout the curriculum.
The Special Character is also promoted through a Young Vinnies group which completes social justice projects. Other Special Character programmes include the ‘Attitude of the Week’ scheme and our very successful Family Groups. Our Year 6 pupils have the responsibility to organise purposeful and fun activities for the Family Groups. Each group includes children from all class levels. These activities facilitate our safe and supportive learning environment in a special way.